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RevMax Bike Challenge with the CMPD 2017

This challenge began last December. Local Charlotte business owner, Frank Kuperman with RevMax, heard a radio request for help from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD). They were hustling to find enough bikes to fulfill the Christmas wish lists of over 1,700 kids for the Christmas Explorers Program. At the end of the radio spot there was a phone number to which Frank called and asked the policeman in charge, Ryan Botzenmayer, to explain the full situation.

Officer Botzenmayer had been tasked with taking over a 40 year old CMPD tradition of ensuring all of the youth of Charlotte had something to look forward to over Christmas. This was not a handout. He explained that students are hand selected by their school’s teachers, counselors and principals to receive a gift from the police-sponsored program. Gifting bicycles is an especially impactful gift as they encourage children to go outdoors in the fresh air, get physical activity and can boost a positive mental attitude.

Last year over 1700 kids were helped and over 400 bikes were handed out. Although bikes are not the only gift these youth will receive this year, they are year after year the most requested gift. For this reason, Frank and RevMax are going to step up their contribution and want to see if you can join them in making this the best year yet!

Our goal is to secure sponsorship of 500 bikes and set the bar on an annual challenge that will continue to blow past that goal. We have partnered with Beasley Media Group’s Radio Stations and Fox 46 to ensure that the community finds out about these sponsorships, and takes advantage of their offer to double any funds or bikes they commit. By giving a bike to a hand-selected youth here in Charlotte, we can teach children that the holidays are a time to be generous and can also lighten the load on their parents.

RevMax is leading the way by buying 2 bikes for every transmission sold this next month.

RevMax is partnering with Integrateideas to create marketing material and videos to help start promoting this challenge during the week of Thanksgiving. If you have any questions and are interested in learning more, please reach out to

Goal: 500 Bikes by Christmas
Average cost per bike: $50
Program launch: Thanksgiving week
Contact: David Levine at