• 68RFE Signature Series 700 Transmission
  • 68RFE Signature Series 700 Transmission, 68RFE Signature Series 850 Transmission

Dodge Ram 68RFE Signature Series 700 Transmission

$8,695.00$9,294.00 Base Price

    + Add $99 (68RFE ZeroStat Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass 2013-18) + Add $795 (68RFE Billet Steel Center Support and 4th Clutch Housing *Patent Pending*)

+ $2,000 Refundable Core Charge
= $
10,695 Total Price

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installation instructions What is the RevMax Warranty?
warranty 2007.5-2009 Standard Installation Instructions
warranty 2010-2019 Standard Installation Instructions

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  • Refundable Core Charge ($2,000)

Information on Core Charges

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Product Description

Revmax brings you yet another iteration of the Signature Series Transmission. The 68RFE signature series 700 transmission is designed for those mid level builds that aren’t needing a Signature 850 but yet are too much for the Signature 550.  The Revmax 68RFE Signature 700 performance automatic transmission fits the bill perfectly. These units are great for heavy towing, and for the weekend warrior! These units are built to the most stringent tolerances by one expert technician from beginning to end, and each unit is signed by the technician when finished. This unit is rated at 700HP and has undergone over a year of rigorous R&D and performance testing. We don’t just say we have pride in our transmission, we literally put our name on it.  This transmission features the following:

** Trucks with tires that are larger than 35″ will not be covered under warranty unless proof of a differential gear change is provided **

Disasembly Process and Cleaning

  • Complete disassembly of the entire transmission, all wearable “soft parts” are discarded.
  • Casing and housings are washed in our 190 degree hot wash tank.
  • Hard parts are thoroughly inspected and then either discarded or hand washed
  • Casing is thoroughly checked for any cracks or damage

Upgraded Internals Components

  • Revmax Signature 700 Anodized Billet Input Clutch Drum, loaded with custom Revmax clutches, steels and laser cut pressure plates.
  • Revmax PATENT PENDING Direct Centrifugal Oiling Billet Input Shaft
  • Revmax PATENT PENDING Overdrive Centrifugal Lubricating System
  • Billet SFI flexplate
  • Billet Stage 5 Triple Disc 68RFE Torque Converter
  • Billet ZeroFlex 1″ 6061 Billet Valve Body Plate w\ DuaLock filter support.
  • RevMax leak free bonded separator plate that is 2.5x thicker than OEM.
  • 4 clutch 2nd clutch with G3 clutches and kolene steels, custom machined pressure plate and piston. (Factory is 3 standard clutches and steels)
  • Billet 2nd clutch piston assembly
  • 4 clutch 4th Clutch pack with G3 clutches and kolene steels, custom machined pressure plate and piston. (Factory is 3 standard clutches and steels)
  • Custom 4th clutch pressure plate
  • High Performance Low /Reverse Clutches
  • High Energy Reverse Clutches
  • Revmax High Pressure  Pump
  • Revmax High Pressure Valve Body with RevMax proprietary upgrades
  • Brand New Internal Solenoid Pack
  • Upgraded L/R Sprag to Spring and Roller Design
  • Custom calibrated Revmax performance valve body, fully tested on our computerized valve body dyno
  • Extra deep 4.5 quart additional cast aluminum pan with drain plug
  • Transmission is fully tested for hydraulic and performance integrity on our AMI Hydraulic test stand
  • Steel Filter Screw Insert
  • 2 year unlimited mileage warranty


Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs

Compatible Car Models


Compatible Year

, , , , , , , , , ,


Core Charge

Transmission Type

Select Drivetrain

2 Wheel Drive, 4 Wheel Drive

Select Year

2007.5-2009, 2010-2012, 2013-2017

Torque Converter Stall Speed

Stock Stall, 15 Blade Ultra Low Stall, 17 Blade Low Stall

Select Transmission Type

RevMax Approved Trans Tuning Required, Tuneless – $599.00

4 reviews for Dodge Ram 68RFE Signature Series 700 Transmission

  1. Branden Mortensen

    I have this 700 series transmission in my 2016 cummins big horn 4×4 and I love it. Everybody will try to convince you to stay away from a 68rfe and to go with a 48re swap. And with this being in my truck for a while now. I would never even consider a 48re swap.
    Frank is setting the level high with his transmission, proving that a 68rfe will last.
    I will Always buy from RevMax and let the transmission speak for itself!
    -Branden mortensen

  2. Lyle Ocker

    I was a little skeptical with trusting a built 68rfe in my 2013 6.7 due to all the criticism out there but all my fears are now gone with a 700 series 68rfe from revmax. I currently have 30,000 miles on it and absolutely love it. Shift points are perfect and torque converter lockup is insane! (Higher Power Performance EFI Live tuning) I am sitting at around 500hp but tow as much as 20,000lbs all throughout the week on a 60hp tune. Other than that its on the hottest tune I have. Tom and Frank have definitely outdone themselves on these transmissions!

  3. Nick Flesher

    I am very pleased with the signature 700 from Revmax in my 2014 Megacab. The shifts are quick, firm, and converter lock is pretty amazing with EFI live tuning from Anarchy Diesel! Tom and Frank are changing the game with this built 68 and are proving that a 68 will take the power. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one tomorrow and put it behind a cummins. Ram builds a solid truck with an incredible power plant in it, and with this 700 from Revmax, I have a solid truck that I plan to put many more hard miles on. I plan to add traction bars very soon to plant that rear axle during shifts, but if you are even considering a built 68 rfe, you will not be disappointed with this unit. If Ram would only put these units in the truck from factory.

  4. Brandon Chackan

    I have a 2011 6.7 with 150% over energy injectors and a fleece second gen swap with a S 467 and all supporting mods. I broke my stock transmission this past summer and was very skeptical which route to take (68rfe or 48re swap) after talking to a few guys and doing some research I decided on purchasing a Revmax 700 and I couldn’t be happier. This transmission really holds its own even with what i have done to my engine along with rolling on 37″ mud terrains and 4.56 gears. I highly recommend this transmission with HPP tuning. Also I had a few questions both before the purchase and after the purchase and every time I have called Revmax they have been more then happy to answer any and all of my questions. I can honestly say I made the right transmission choice.

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