Your transmission is the backbone of your vehicle. Its sole purpose is to transfer your engine’s power to your wheels. You could have every engine upgrade under the sun, but if you can’t transfer the power your engine generates – you’re just wasting money and performance potential. It is sometimes forgotten, but it is crucial to upgrade your transmission as you make other performance upgrades to your vehicle.5hp19large_3-250x250

An essential part of automatic transmissions are valve bodies. They are commonly upgraded when making performance modifications to vehicles due to the wealth of benefits they bring. An upgraded valve body can increase the power handling ability of the transmission and create crisper shifts. Adding a RevMax Performance Valve Body to your transmission can make all the difference in the performance of your vehicle.

Valve Body Basics

The valve body is the nerve center of the automatic transmission. It is responsible for creating smooth shifts to the appropriate gear when driving. It does this by directing hydraulic fluid through a maze of channels and passages that activate the appropriate clutch pack or band. In a manual transmission you would have to push in the clutch and manually change the gears using the gear shifter. In an automatic transmission, the torque converter acts at the clutch and the valve body changes the gears.

There are several valves in the valve body and each has a specific purpose. The valves are named for the function they carry out. For instance, the 2-3 shift valve activates the second gear to third gear shift and the 3-2 shift timing valve determines when a downshift should occur. Every gear shift your transmission can make has a valve assigned to it.


The manual valve is the most important valve and the one you have direct control over. When you shift from park to drive, you are using the manual valve. It operates by uncovering various passages depending on what position the gear shifter is placed. Placing your gear shifter into drive, for example, directs fluid to the clutch packs that activates the first gear. It also monitors the speed of your vehicle and throttle position so that it can determine the best time to shift up.

Since the valve body has such an important job, it can make or break your vehicle’s performance – especially if you have modified your vehicle for a specific performance need like towing or racing. You’ll avoid slips and be able to shift from one gear to the other in a smooth, effortless manner.

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