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Dodge Ram 68RFE Signature Series 550 Transmission

$5,995.00$6,594.00 Base Price

    + Add $99 (68RFE ZeroStat Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass 2013-18) + Add $399 (68RFE Billet Flexplate 2007.5-2020) + Add $795 (68RFE Billet Steel Center Support and 4th Clutch Housing *Patent Pending*) + Add $899 (68RFE Direct Oiling Billet Input Shaft **Patent Pending**)

+ $2,000 Refundable Core Charge
= $
7,995 Total Price

(6 customer reviews)

installation instructions What is the RevMax Warranty?
warranty 2007.5-2009 Standard Installation Instructions
warranty 2010-2019 Standard Installation Instructions

Information on Core Charges

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  • Refundable Core Charge ($2,000)

Information on Core Charges

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Product Description

Dodge Rebuilt 68RFE Signature Series 550 Transmission

Revmax brings you our  Signature Series 550  performance automatic transmission.Rated to hold up to 550HP at the rear wheels.These units are built to the most stringent tolerances by one expert technician from beginning to end, and each unit is signed by the technician when finished.We don’t just say we have pride in our transmission, we literally put our name on it.  This transmission features the following:

** Trucks with tires that are larger than 35″ will not be covered under warranty unless proof of a differential gear change is provided **

Disasembly Process and Cleaning

  • Complete disassembly of the entire transmission, all wearable “soft parts” are discarded.
  • Casing and housings are washed in our 190 degree hot wash tank.
  • Hard parts are thoroughly inspected and then either discarded or hand washed
  • Casing is thoroughly checked for any cracks or damage

Upgraded Internals Components

  • Billet Stage 5 Triple Disc Torque Converter
  • Revmax Proprietary 550 High Capacity Input Clutch Housing
  • Custom Underdrive pressure plate and piston assembly
  • Billet ZeroFlex 1″ 6061 Billet Valve Body Plate w\ DuaLock filter support.
  • RevMax leak free bonded separator plate that is 2.5x thicker than OEM.
  • 4 clutch 2nd clutch with GPZ clutches
  • Billet 2nd clutch piston assembly
  • 4 clutch 4th Clutch pack with GPZ clutches
  • Custom 4th clutch pressure plate
  • Red Eagle High Performance Low /Reverse Clutches
  • High Energy Reverse Clutches
  • Revmax High Pressure Pump
  • Revmax High Pressure Valve Body
  • Brand New Internal Solenoid Pack
  • Upgraded L/R Sprag to Spring and Roller Design
  • Custom calibrated Revmax performance valve body, fully tested on our computerized valve body dyno
  • Extra deep 4.5 quart additional cast aluminum pan with drain plug
  • Billet Filter Screw
  • Transmission is fully tested for hydraulic and performance integrity on our AMI Hydraulic test stand
  • 2 year unlimited mileage warranty.

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs

Compatible Car Models


Compatible Year

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Core Charge

Transmission Type

Select Drivetrain

2 Wheel Drive, 4 Wheel Drive

Select Year

2007.5-2009, 2010-2012, 2013-2017

Torque Converter Stall Speed

Stock Stall, 15 Blade Ultra Low Stall, 17 Blade Low Stall

Select Transmission Type

RevMax Approved Trans Tuning Required, Tuneless – $599.00

6 reviews for Dodge Ram 68RFE Signature Series 550 Transmission

  1. Brian Lynch

    6k miles now on my 550 and couldn’t be happier. shifts are quick and stage five torque converter is smooth and locks up the way you want it to when you hammer down. I’m running twins with mild fueling upgrades, I also did all the upgrades and srock stall with the 550.

  2. Dennis Dotro

    I have a revmax 68rfe 550 and pulled a heavy trailer for years everyday now its just my toy and it has 83000 miles on the transmisson i can not complain Frank is a great person to deal with

  3. Dennis Dotro

    I have had the revmax 68rfe 550 in my truck for 3.5 years and 90,000 miles it pulled a fully load 4 car trailer every day and never had a problem

  4. James Richards

    Great trans, no problems at all does everything it’s supposed to. Honest and easy to work with people; how commendable is that in today’s world. Could not be happier. Thanks Revmax.

  5. Charlie Parker

    2011 ram 2500 I have just installed the 550 , the shipping is fast and was applied a veteran discount on shipping which was very helpful when every penny counts.
    The customer service has been outstanding so far.
    Installation was straightforward and the exact opposite of the removal. I’m using the raceme ultra tuner and transmission tuning fortunately I was able to get a hold of a Snap-On scan tool for the quick learn process and currently in the process of the break-in 200 mile stop and go shifting procedure.
    So far I’m very pleased with the 550 it is shifting smooth and running nice and cool.
    I’d like to thank Josh at revmax and Tom for helping me make the decision easy to go with revmax I think I made the right choice.
    I already had a billet flexplate but did upgrade to the billet input shaft.

  6. ELIOT J doray

    Very happy with the 550 trans. Added billet flex plate and input shaft for added insurance. Shifts are firm and smooth. Josh in sales was honest during every step of the process. would recommend.

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