Product Description

Nissan GT-R GR6 10 Friction High Performance Clutch Kit Assembly (Steels and Frictions Only)

RevMax is proud to announce their latest offering for the high-performance transmission world. We are already the world leader in Diesel Performance, and we have put all of our years of experience into the dual clutch high-performance market. We have spent over 2 years of R&D in these products, and we are proud to release them now finally to the public. 

All these products were tested on our 1400WHP GT-R. We have abused these parts unlike how anyone else ever would. We tested each part to find it breaking point and then either rated the part appropriately or went back and re-engineered it until it passed our vigorous testing. 

Unlike other companies, our products are proudly MADE IN THE USA! We do not use any offshore Chinese or import steel, only American steel! All our internal parts are manufactured right here in our state-of-the-art machining center in Charlotte, NC. There is not a higher quality part that you can buy, PERIOD!

Since we make our own components, we do not have the issues our competitors do with being unable to keep product in stock. We do not rely on any outsourcing and therefore we can control our supply chain. Rest assured, we will have your product you need in stock and ready to go when you need it!

This kit contains proprietary RevMax sourced frictions and steels. These frictions contain our own specific clutch characteristics and are the best money can buy. Our steel plates are spec’d out to our stringent flatness and hardness standards. 

This kit REQUIRES purchasing our billet A and B Clutch Hubs or using another set of aftermarket hubs (baskets as others incorrectly call them). 

This kit contains frictions and steels ONLY. No seal, hubs or any other components are provided. It is recommended that a professional installer with previous GR6 experience install these.