Product Description


Designed and manufactured right here at RevMax in Charlotte, NC on our state of the art Haas machining centers. We are pleased to bring you the finest performance parts possible. Manufactured from a SOLID 4140 HTSR steel slug weighing over 60lbs, this billet AS69RC K2 clutch hub now weighs just 1.2lbs. The factory hub is prone to fatigue and rapid failure due to being constructed as an inexpensive stamping made with inferior steel. The RevMax hub is nearly 2x thicker in every area and will not break or wear like the factory hub will. It also longer in physical length and features longer clutch splines. This part is perfect as an OEM replacement or mandatory in any performance transmission. Your builder can run factory clutch and steel counts (6 clutches and 6 steels), or by purchasing one of our upgrade kits up to 9 frictions and steels.