Product Description

The Allison 10L1000 torque converter is a great design for a stock truck. However, adding more than 75hp will quickly overpower the stock clutch setup. Unfortunately, with the way this unit is made, there is no way to use this core to make it handle more power. We have resdesigned this unit completely and there are ZERO parts used from the stock 10L1000 converter. What you are getting is a completely redesigned product, not just a billet front cover with some clutches. This unit is a bolt in unit and can be ran with a factory transmission and flexplate without any modifications.

All Allison 10L1000 torque converters feature billet torque converter stators. We do not use any cast or factory stators, just 100% solid billet. All units feature a damper to smooth lockup engagement and a billet apply piston. The piston insures that the clutch is applied squarely and will not warp with heat.

Revmax stage 5 converters have no horsepower or torque limitations, we dare you to break it*!! Our stage 5 converters feature the following innovations and components:

-CNC Machined Billet One Piece Front Cover
-Raybestos or Alto, High Performance Triple Disc Lockup Frictions
-Billet lockup apply piston with performance Spring Damper
-Revmax Billet CNC machined stator
-Billet Bearing Cap
-Dual Torrington Bearing stator design
-4340 Flanged Impeller Hub
-4140 Hardened Turbine Hub
-Furnace Brazed Impeller
-Tig Welded Brazed Turbine
-Computerized Robotic Welding
-Precision internal clearances set to increase efficiency and improve performance
-Fully pressurized and leak tested
-TCRS Computerized High Speed Balancing To less than 5 gram
-Runout Tolerances of less than .005
-Assembled in Charlotte, NC by highly trained and caring technicians