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Allison 1000 L5P Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass Upgrade ZeroStat Patented Technology


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Allison 1000 L5P Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass Upgrade 

All 2017+ L5P Duramax equipped GM/Chevy trucks have always been known to run hotter than then their early predecessors.  There also have been numerous melted down transmissions due to the bypass valve sticking in the cold closed position. Lastly, the thermal bypass has a large restriction in it which massively reduces cooler flow! The completely re-engineered, Billet 6061 Aluminum RevMax Cooler Thermostatic Bypass Upgrade module, completely fixes all of these complaints. Utilizing our ZeroStat Technology, We completely removed the orifice restriction for full cooler flow all the time. This equates to lower operating temperatures and longer transmission life. Simply bolt in our block and you will see up to a 50-degree change. Our billet Cooler Thermostatic Bypass Upgrade completely eliminates the thermal bypass valve and this elimination gives you three major advantages.

  1. RevMax ZeroStat Patented Technology, US Patent #11,137,070 .Increase in cooler flow due to the elimination of the orifice bottleneck located in the factory part.
  2. There is no longer a thermal controlled bypass valve which can fail and cause lack of cooler flow and complete transmission destruction.
  3. Instead of closing off cooler flow when the transmission is cold and making your transmission generate unneeded heat that is hard to shed later; our bypass allows your cooler to immediately begin cooling your transmission and not waiting for it to get hot, just to try to cool it later.
  4. You cannot properly flush your cooler lines without the aid of a hot flush machine that can get hot enough to open the bypass valve up. With our bypass upgrade you can use room temperature fluid to clean out your cooler anytime you wish without any special tools!

The RevMax Allison 1000 L5P Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass Upgrade is a direct bolt-in replacement. No lines are cut, nothing is altered. Simply disconnect your old lines and install them into our new bypass.

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