Product Description

RevMax is pleased to announce the world’s first true aftermarket torque converter for the ZF 8HP90 and 8HP95 transmission. In cooperation with Hellraiser Transmission we have designed the best torque converter available for the Hellcat 8HP90/95. All other converters that are currently for sale reuse ALL of the factory internals and just swap the stator out. There is no additional clutch capacity added or any other performance gains, just a stator swap… While this works ok for some budget users, by no means is this a true performance converter. The RevMax converter uses none of the factory internals, this is a completely different design from the bottom up!

Our design is a two-piece bolt together. It allows you or your shop to change stall speeds and clutch configurations without ever sending it back to us. You buy one converter and that’s it. After that you can handle your own refreshes, stall changes and clutch changes! Our converter is almost 15% lighter than a factory converter or the Demon converter upgrade. This weight savings is instantly apparent as soon as you go WOT. Your engine will spin up so much quicker due to the decrease in rotating mass!

The front cover or engine side is made of aircraft spec billet 6061 aluminum. The solid chunk weights over 60lbs before we precision machine it down to just 7lbs. The converter bolts are held into place by Mil-Spec thread inserts that guarantee the connection to your flexplate. A hardened crankshaft pilot adapter ensures that your converter will always run perfectly true. The impeller is a proprietary design as is the stator. Now lets get to the the heart of this converter, the lockup clutch system!

As you are aware of, the factory converter lockup clutch begins to slip in the 900HP range. All other converters on the market are limited in clutch capacity to the stock amount of frictions and piston surface area. Our converter design has many advantages over the factory and all other aftermarket converters. Our piston is almost 60% larger in surface area which blows away anything else on the market today. And along with the multiple clutch options, our converter can hold in excess of 2000HP without any slippage. Our modular friction design allows us to run 2,3,4,5 or even as many as 6 double sided clutches. Most customers are more than happy with just 3 clutches but we have the ability to offer up to 6! With just 2 of our larger clutches we have more surface area than any competition. With 3 we have 52% more, 4 frictions has 70% more, 5 has 87.5% more and 6 has 105% more.

We have multiple cast and billet stator options available to suit all setups. Best of all, you can mix and match stators at home and find your perfect setup all without ever sending in the converter! We also offer multiple piston heights and clutch setups to custom tune your own lockup firmness and holding capacity!

Stall speeds from 3000RPM up to 4500RPM are available!