Product Description

Revmax is proud to offer you our entry level cost effective solution to upgrading your 68RFE Transmission. The Revmax Signature 550 Combo Kit provides your rebuilder a complete ready to install package to upgrade your transmission. This is not just a box of parts, but rather a completely prebuilt and engineered kit that is ready to be installed. This kit is IDENTICAL to our 68RFE Revmax Signature Series 500 Transmission. We recommend this kit for trucks with up to 550RWHP that are running a programmer and even an aftermarket turbo.

The heart of this kit is our Revmax Re-Engineered Input Clutch Drum.  Our drum is available completely pre-built and clearanced, your builder does not need to do anything other than simply drop it into the case. This drum features 14 high energy overdrive clutches, and 12 high energy underdrive clutches, custom OD / UD pressure plate and a custom OD / Reverse pressure plate. The drum is available pre-assembled, and clearanced.

The valve body is complete with an updated and oversized solenoid switch valve and our Revmax engineered accumulator springs,HD accumulator plate and custom fasteners. The valve body is also available in our tuneless option which requires no transmission tuning whatsoever and provides smooth shifting and converter  apply with 235psi of line pressure!

This kit is designed to be installed by a certified transmission rebuilder ONLY!

  • Rebuild Kit, contains all gaskets, seals, O-RIngs and Filters
  • 4 GPZ 2nd Clutches and 4 Steels
  • Revmax Engineered  Billet 2nd Clutch Piston
  • 4 GPZ Clutches, 4  Steels and a custom machined pressure plate
  • High Energy Low Reverse Clutches
  • Upgraded Low/ Reverse Sprag ($150 Core Charge)
  • Revmax 225 PSI High Pressure Performance Valve Body (Core Charge: $350)
  • Billet Multi  Disc Torque Converter, Stage 4 (Core Charge: $350)
  • Revmax Billet 550 Input Clutch Drum (Core Charge: $350)
  • Transmission Pan, hold an additional 4.5qts of fluid.