Product Description

68RFE Billet Input Clutch Hub

We are proud to introduce our newest billet part for the 68RFE transmission. The RevMax 68RFE Billet Input Clutch Hub is featured in all of our high horsepower builds. The factory hub is notorious for stripping the splines out where the input shaft engages in the input clutch hub. Upon inspection of a stock part you will find that there is considerable play between the shaft and hub. If you look closer at the coupling area you will see that the splines are likely starting to show some wear. Continued use of a worn hub will result in a failure of the hub and a vehicle that will not move.

 The RevMax 68RFE Billet Input Clutch Hub is made from 4140HTSR steel. The splines are induction hardened which eliminates the possibility of them stripping out. No other stock or aftermarket billet hub features these induction hardened splines. Precision crafted and finished with a Durabond bushing this hub is a must for any truck that tows or has the power turned up on it.

  • Single piece 4140 HTSR Construction
  • Induction Heat Treated Splines
  • Durabond Bushings
  • Tighter Spline Coupling