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68RFE / AS69 ZeroStat Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass 2013 – 2018 ZeroStat Patented Technology


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68RFE / AS69 Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass 2013 – 2018

The 2013 and newer 68rfe and As69 equipped Ram trucks have always been known to run hotter than then their early predecessors. There also have been numerous melted down transmissions due to the bypass valve sticking in the cold closed position. Lastly, the thermal bypass has a large restriction in it which reduces cooler flow by 87%, yes you read that right, 87%! No other bypass offers full unrestricted flow like the RevMax version does!

The completely re-engineered, Billet 6061 Aluminum RevMax Cooler Thermostatic Bypass Upgrade module, completely fixes all these complaints. Utilizing our ZeroStat Technology, We completely removed the orifice restriction for full cooler flow all the time. This equates to lower operating temperatures and longer transmission life.

Our billet Cooler Thermostatic Bypass Upgrade completely eliminates the thermal bypass valve and this elimination gives you three major advantages.

  1. RevMax ZeroStat Patented Technology, US Patent #11,137,070 .87% increase in cooler flow due to the elimination of the orifice bottleneck located in the factory part.
  2. There is no longer a thermal controlled bypass valve which can fail and cause lack of cooler flow and complete transmission destruction.
  3. Instead of closing off cooler flow when the transmission is cold and making your transmission generate unneeded heat that is hard to shed later; our bypass allows your cooler to immediately begin cooling your transmission and not waiting for it to get hot, just to try to cool it later.
  4. You cannot properly flush your cooler lines without the aid of a hot flush machine that can get hot enough to open the bypass valve up. With our bypass upgrade you can use room temperature fluid to clean out your cooler at anytime you wish without any special tools!
  5. Integral aluminum cooling fins aid in passive cooling of the block and fluid.

The RevMax 68RFE Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass Upgrade is a direct bolt in replacement. No lines are cut, nothing is altered. Simply disconnect your old lines and install them into our new bypass.

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4 reviews for 68RFE / AS69 ZeroStat Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass 2013 – 2018 ZeroStat Patented Technology

  1. ELIOT Doray (verified owner)

    Helped reduce trans temps by 50 degrees.

  2. Tim Mattfeld

    My 2015 Megacab got the revmax 850 in may 2018, after twisting the inputshaft . Transmission is awesome, and with some great tuning from HPP, it pulls like a dream. However my transmission temps were always above 180 and living in Texas the heat takes a toll. After a recent road trip with the family I noticed the temps were creeping to 220-225+, with an ambient of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I immediately purchased the ZeroStat and had it waiting for me when i got home. Installed it right away, took off the next day pulling a trailer, temps never went over 150 degrees with and ambient temp of 45 degrees. Even if you have a stock transmission, this thing is worth its weight in gold.

  3. Wesley Funkhouser

    Installed along with a Revmax 68RFE, period bypass would remain closed until roughly 220°F allowing a mess of problems to happen inside my stock 68RFE. Replaced the transmission and bypass, temps don’t pass 180°F in the Texas heat. Couldn’t be happier with the product

  4. Josh Miller

    Valve is excellent and works great as it lets the cooler flow with no thermal valve to worry with. But they could have at least included the o rings for the quick connect side. The fittings are empty, no o rings or clips. Didn’t even put a note in the box to warn me. So I swapped over the old clips and put it on. Cranked it up and had a massive trans leak. Had to take it back apart to find the o rings missing. Then dug out my old rings from the stock valve and put those in the bypass. Wasted fluid and made a mess. Come on guys, spend the extra $0.20 cents and put the o rings in your $100 valve.

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