Product Description

68RFE 700 Pro Series Billet STEEL Input Clutch Drum, PATENT PENDING

For many years our 68RFE 700 series drums have been the biggest selling replacement drum. This technology has been unsurpassed until now. While the 6061-aluminum drum is an amazing upgrade, it still has one flaw. That flaw is its aluminum construction. The aluminum drum is very robust but will eventually suffer the same issues as the factory drum regarding the steel clutch plates digging into the drum.

We are proud to announce the solution to this issue. Our billet steel 68RFE 700 series inner drum have all the original design elements that made it the best-selling aftermarket drum and its steel construction now eliminates the only flaw. No longer do you need to worry about steels digging into the drum, our hardened drum assembly is now harder than the clutch plates and thus will not fail. This drum also eliminates the reverse snap ring from blowing out the lugs on the end of the drum which leads to a catastrophic failure.

We have spent over 2 years in the development of this drum. Extensive testing was done to make sure that the additional rotating mass would not cause bushing issues. We have tested this drum for over 50k miles, and we have seen ZERO additional bushing wear. This drum is a drop in design, no machining is needed. We offer this drum as a 700, 850 and 12xR version as well as an oversized version that allows it to drop into a Sonnax Smartech drum without having to use the troublesome adapter ring.

This kit features the following upgrades and components:

    • Drop In Kit! Does NOT require any machining, simply build it, and go!
    • 100% BILLET 1045 STEEL Construction, eliminating any chance of the frictions digging into the drum, regardless of line pressure of OD piston diameter changes.
    • Eliminates the problematic 3-4 shift squawk found in other aftermarket drums using larger than factory OD apply piston area. Fixes other 3-4, 4-3, 5-3 shifting complaints due to shift timing issues associated with larger than stock OD piston apply area.
    • 16 Single Sided Frictions in OD, 29% Increase Over Factory
    • 10 Single Sided Frictions in UD, 18% Increase Over Factory
    • Billet OD/Reverse Pressure Plate
    • Billet UD/OD Pressure Plate
    • Black oxide coated and fully machined to OE specs.