Product Description

68RFE 550 High Capacity Input Clutch Drum

The 68RFE transmission is notorious for burning up the Overdrive and Underdrive clutches while leaving the other clutches in good working order. Unfortunately, the 68RFE is not built to withstand additional horsepower. When you turn up the power on your truck the clutches in the transmission will begin to slip in short order.

Revmax has designed a complete OEM based high capacity input clutch drum. For users with less than 550HP this drum along with our high pressure pump, valve body and converter can make your truck reliable again! Our drum is a complete drum housing that has been totally rebuilt and modified. Clearances and the knowledge behind these transmissions is crucial and is the cause for most rebuild failures! All clutch clearances are set at Revmax so this makes the install seamless! A core is required on this drum assembly.

The Revmax high capacity input drum is built with the following components:

  • 14 High Energy Overdrive Clutches
  • 12 High Energy Underdrive Clutches
  • 2 High Energy Reverse Clutches
  • OEM Modified Input Clutch Housing
  • OEM Overdrive Housing
  • OEM Input Hub
  • Custom Underdrive Piston assembly
  • Revmax Engineered and Machined Overdrive / Reverse Pressure Plate
  • Revmax Engineered and Machined Overdrive / Underdrive Pressure Plate