Product Description

5HP30 OEM Valve Body

This transmission valve body assembly fixes and cures the many shifting complaints with a worn out valve body. The most common of which are: delayed engagements, harsh engagements, flair shifts, delayed shifts, harsh upshifts, harsh downshifts, slippage in gear while driving and trouble Codes associate with gear ratio errors. Our transmission valve bodies are designed to be installed by a professional automotive technician.

  • Complete Disassembly.
  • Thorough Hand Washed Cleansing Process Removes all metal and clutch particles.
  • Hand Assembled by Qualified and Caring Professionals!!
  • Aqueous Solvent Cleaning.
  • Mounting Surface Verified and Flat Filed If Needed.
  • Threads Checked and Repaired if Needed.
  • All wear areas are individually vacuum tested for leakage.
  • Sonnax Updated Shift Valves (where applicable)
  • Sonnax Updated Regulator Valves (where applicable)
  • Sonnax Updated TCC Valves (where applicable)
  • Sonnax Updated Solenoid Modulator Valves (where applicable)
  • Rebuilt New Design Shift Solenoids (where applicable)
  • New Custom Machined Solenoid Bushings (where applicable)
  • Solenoids Graphically Tested on our Zoom SolX Solenoid Tester.
  • Computer Matched and Flow Tested Shift Solenoids.
  • Complete Computerized Testing Of Valve Body on Our Zoom Superflow Valve Body Dyno.
  • Pan Gasket and Filter NOT INCLUDED.
  • Relearning / Clearing of Transmission Adaptation Tables Is Necessary on most valve bodies