Product Description


Introducing the RevMax billet 4L80E input shaft made with 300m material – the ultimate upgrade for high-performance transmissions. This input shaft is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and deliver maximum power to your vehicle’s drivetrain.

Crafted from premium-grade 300m material, this input shaft is engineered to be more durable than traditional shafts, ensuring reliable and consistent performance even under extreme loads. The extended design offers increased spline engagement into the OD planet, reducing the chance of shaft failure and improving overall strength.

Our 4L80E 300m billet input shaft is specifically designed to fit seamlessly into your transmission, making installation a hassle-free experience. The precision-machined billet construction ensures a perfect fit and superior durability, making it ideal for high horsepower and high torque applications.

Whether you’re racing, towing, or just looking to improve your vehicle’s performance, the RevMax billet 4L80E input shaft made with 300m material is the ultimate choice. Upgrade your transmission today and experience the difference for yourself.