Product Description

47RH, 47RE, 48RE Billet Input Shaft

  • Two piece 300M billet input shaft and 4140HTSR clutch hub.
  • 27 Spline Input Shaft vs Factory 23 Spline.
  • Designed for up to 1500HP and /or heavy towing and racing
  • Utilizes factory bushing and rings unlike other designs that change the stator support bushing which then fails
  • Requires an Oversized Stator Support, RevMax part #478-506
  • Requires the use of a 27 Spline Torque Converter
  • Lifetime warranty on shaft to hub spline coupling
  • A must for any high horsepower or heavy hauling application.
  • This shaft resists snapping from boosted launches and heavy loads.
  • Designed and manufactured by RevMax in Charlotte, NC using American 300M material!