torque5This is the second segment in our series on stall speeds. We are sharing advanced stall speed advice because we believe that the more our customers know about torque converters, the easier it will be to shop for them.

In part one of our series, RevMax Performance Torque Convertersintroduced the basics of stall speed and why it is important. This post will give more advanced information on torque converter stall speeds, how it will affect your driving and how to measure your stall speed.

 Torque Converter Stall Speed and Driving

Generally speaking, your normal driving is not adversely affected by converters with stall speeds up to 3000 RPM. Your vehicle will begin to roll normally and acceleration will be favorably influenced when high stall speed converters are used. A very high stall converter (greater than 3000 RPM) would not be satisfactory for street use. Unless you are into doing burn outs at every stop light, higher stall speeds are inefficient.

How to Determine Your Stall Speed

To get an accurate reading of your vehicle’s stall speed, you will need a transbrake to lock the drive train. Testing your stall speed by holding the wheel brakes and running the engine against the locked brakes (power braking) will cause your wheels to rotate before your true stall speed is reached.

Another method that you can also use to measure your stall speed is to launch a wide-open throttle and observe the engine RPM reached at launch. This is commonly referred to as flash stall. However, doing this will cause your engine’s power to push your vehicle before it reaches its true stall. For the best result, we highly recommend using a transbrake.

Things to Consider When Buying a Torque Converter

Sure, stall speed is very important, but it is not the only factor to consider when buying a torque converter. You should also consider torque multiplication at launch and high-end efficiency. Selection of these components will not only affect your stall speed, it will also affect your converter’s efficiency.

  • Torque multiplication is the maximum amount of torque produced from your engine through the torque converter to the transmission and your wheels.
  • High-end efficiency is the measurement of how the torque is actually used. In other words, how efficient is the torque you’re producing.

torque6If you are shopping for a torque converter and need help determining which stall speed is best suited for you, just ask us. Our torque converter experts are standing by to handle all of your torque converter needs. We can help you select the perfect torque converter stall speed for your vehicle.

To learn more about RevMax Performance Torque Converters, please visit our online store. We look forward to equipping your vehicle with the right torque converter stall speed and helping your vehicle reach its fullest potential.