torque9When shopping for performance torque converters, we know you may be flooded with options. There are tons of suppliers out there that claim to have the best products at the best prices. So, what makesRevMax Performance Torque Converters so different? We believe it is a combination of things.

Competitive and Affordable Prices

You may have noticed how affordable our prices are compared to our competitors. It may seem impossible to sell high-quality items at competitive prices, but it is something we are committed to.

One of the ways we are able to keep our prices low is through controlled advertising. You won’t find our ads in big magazines, trade shows or events. The money we save on advertising is passed onto you. We are confident in our products and rely heavily on word-of-month advertising. Once you select RevMax Performance Torque Converters, we are sure you will share your great experience with friends and family.

We also do not have large distributors reselling our products at an artificially higher price point. To ensure you are getting the absolute lowest price, we cut out the middle man. All of our products are ordered directly from us, which gives us complete control of our prices.

Our Team of Knowledgable and Experienced Professionals

At RevMax Performance Converters, the difference starts with our workforce. We make it a point to employ extremely knowledgable professionals that share our commitment in providing our customers with remarkable customer service and high-quality products. We are not a production factory, meaning each of our products are custom-built to your exact application. Other manufacturers and catalogs sell you pre-built items that closely match your vehicle, we take it a step further. This means you’ll get the product that fits your exact needs with every order.

Torque Converters You Can Rely Ontorque10

The equation we use to ensure you’re getting the best torque converters is simple: we use the industry’s best equipment and use only the best parts. All of our pilots and turbine splines are made of 4340 hardened steel. Our impeller drive hubs are precision-ground and composed of 4130 Chrome Moly. We feature Raybestos Clutch Linings on most of our custom torque converters. We use only the highest quality seals, o-rings and components from US distributors. All of our performance torque converters are proudly made in the USA – in North Carolina!

We also ensure all products pass a rigorous inspection process prior to leaving our warehouse, and we always ship each converter in a heavy-weight custom manufactured box. This is to guarantee your products shows up safely and ready to work for your vehicle.

Customer Testimonials

If you still aren’t convinced that RevMax Performance Torque Converters is your choice for custom torque converters, check out a few of our recent customer testimonials.

  • “Just want to say thank you to Frank and everyone at RevMax for everything you guys have done for me, you guys are awesome. I couldn’t have ever asked for any better support from anyone” – Levon from Pennsylvania
  • “If you have any issues with your tranny, give (RevMax) a call. Honest, helpful and works hard to help you out. Thanks!” – Keith from Arizona
  • “Hands down, one of the best suppliers out there. I have been running my RevMax Torque converter in my Camero for a couple of years now and expect to for a lot longer.” – Jason from Alabama

To learn more about RevMax Performance Torque Converters, please visit our online store. We look forward to showing you why so many car and truck enthusiasts trust us for all of their performance torque converter, transmission and valve body needs!